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Unblock VPN accounts!

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Why to use VPN on Android phones?

In case you are unaware, communication through android is riskier than ever. Spying agencies like GCHQ, NSA and others have launched mass data-surveillance programs which may get users into unnecessary troubles at any point of time. There is also an increased threat from cyber criminals, identity thieves, hackers and other goons who are trying to fetch, sell and spoil large pieces of stolen data to their monetary advantage or otherwise. A VPN for Android phones hence becomes an indispensable tool.

how to work

A VPN on Android phones serves two main purposes. It turns your phone location completely anonymous -- considerably reducing the risk of a direct attack on your mobile. Next, it gets your data into an encrypted, indecipherable form, so that even if you get it lost, it still won't have any substance for the tracking party.

Keep in mind that Android VPN applications by themselves are not very secure, thanks to the open nature of this OS platform. For this purpose we have designed this configuration guide so that users do not need to call their VPN support just to enquire about how to setup PANDELOV.COM on Android phone. Continue reading below to find out how.


Here's what you get with your subscription

Software Installation required No
Android phone Yes
Encryption Level  128 bit
Monthly transfer  Unlimited
Security for Hotspots  Yes
Skype  Yes
Viber  Yes
WhatsApp  Yes
Locations  Europe - BG
IP  Shared
VPN type  PPTP
Dedicated Bandwidth  Yes
Weekly plan  1.99$
Monthly Plan  4.99$



With PANDELOV.COM service you can quickly and easily hide your IP address and skip all the bans on the Internet. You do not need to install any special software on your device to use VPN services. You only need to follow the instructions on How to page. You will receive the settings for VPN Service to your email after performing quick registration and clicking "Buy Now" button on website.


We can offer you secure PPTP VPN service for your Android, Apple, Windows, Linux internet connection.

By using a secure and anonymous connection through our Bulgarian (country with liberal laws to Internet users) VPN servers, you can get full internet access in places that censor or block your connection at home, office and school. This service provides you a full protection of 128 bit encryption at open WiFi hotspots.



Bypass Internet Censorship
PANDELOV.COM lets you go where you want to go, Unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook, unblock WhatsApp

Private Surfing
Protect your constitutional rights to privacy, don’t get tracked and logged by your workplace or Wi-Fi hotspots

Secure browsing
Honeypot open Wi-Fi can not snoop your passwords and identity when using PANDELOV.COM server

Wi-Fi security
PANDELOV.COM encrypts all traffic that goes over wireless even if the Wi-Fi is not set to do encryption
Freedom to travel
Now you can access of the region restricted media when traveling abroad (music, movie, TV, sports websites)
Malware protection
With PANDELOV.COM, no man-in-the-middle-attack will take control of your device


Easy online ordering by PayPal

If you have any questions, or if you would like a custom plan based upon your bandwidth requirements, feel free to use our email:


If you have any questions about the service, look up for answers in the How to page. If you can't find an answer there, please do contact us at or fill in the following form.